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Episode 137 – The ‘Freier’ Behind ‘The Daily Freier’

Every culture has a hierarchy. And there’s usually an extra special place reserved for people at the very bottom of the ladder. In Japan it might be the selfish, in America perhaps the freeloader, but to us Israelis it’s very clear who’s at the bottom.

The Freiers.

Freier is a Yiddish term that’s been absorbed into everyday Hebrew. It can be loosely translated to mean, a sucker, a fool, a pushover or a dupe. Whatever it is, if you live in Israel long enough, you develop a sixth sense of sorts. You can smell a Freier from a mile away. And sometimes, the smell is you.  

The Daily Freier is an online satirical blog founded by Aaron Scheer. Aaron made aliyah after serving in the US military, and decided to stay in this land of suckers. We’re super excited to have him on the podcast today to talk about, what it’s like to become an Israeli.

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